Agriculture, Environmental and Animal Care

From science and medicine to farming and politics, there are so many ways to care for the planet by looking after the animals and the land.  People working in this sector are playing an important part in ensuring this planet can keep supporting us.

From sustainability specialists to vets, everyone in this sector has a passion to make sure our land and animals are properly taken care of and used by humans in a sustainable way.

The ONS reported that as of March 2020, there were 346,000 people employed in agriculture, environmental and animal care industry jobs in the UK, combined into two fields:

  • agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • mining, energy and water supply

There are 5 overarching Industry Pathways for people interesting in pursuing a career within Agriculture, Environment and Animal Care:

  • Animal Care & Management
  • Civil & Environmental Management
  • Land Management & Production
  • Food Science
  • Horticulture & Arboriculture