Creative Industries

Careers in creative and media include performing, writing and designing.

There are so many areas to work in, from TV and radio, on stage or behind the scenes. From books producers to magazine editors, website content creators to artists, competition is fierce. Many people start out working for free to get the experience that employers are looking for.

Creative or artistic individuals who enjoy performing, producing things, writing or designing could excel in this industry.

UK creative industries employ more than 2m people.

There are 6 overarching Industry Pathways for people interesting in pursuing a career within Creative Industries:

  • Music, Performing & Visual Arts
  • Design (Product, Graphic & Fashion)
  • Film, TV, Video, Radio & Photography, Publishing
  • Museums, Galleries, Libraries & Heritage
  • IT, Software & Computer Services (Creative Tech)
  • Animation VFX (Visual Effects) Video Games