Education & Training

Education & Training sector is diverse to benefit all.  It comprises of schools (primary & secondary), further and higher education, training officers, instructors and many more.  Learning does not only take place in an educational institution but also prisons, Army and hospitals.

Within the education system, there are various non-teaching roles available such as teaching assistant, support staff, career advisors, educational psychologist and administrative support.  There are many roles available outside of the education sector ranging from sports coaching, instructors, training officer, driving instructors and many more.

Education is a growing sector and to meet the needs and promote the industry the government has announced an increased salary from Sept 2022.  Also, retention benefits of £2000 per year in shortage subjects such as Maths, Physics and languages should support with increase recruitment in these subject areas.

There are 3 overarching Industry Pathways for people interesting in pursuing a career within Education & Training:

  • Administration & Administrative Support
  • Professional Support Services
  • Teaching/Training