Health and Social Care, Adult and Child Services

Health & Social Care sector provides healthcare support to people in hospitals, dental, social services and care homes.  According to NHS England, this sector is growing and is predicted to develop in the next 10 years.  The social care sector employs 1.48 million people, and by 2030 will approximately have half a million jobs available.

Employment in this sector can be with NHS or private health care ranging from care homes, hospitals, labs, people's homes etc.  From Sept 2020 a maintenance grant of £5000/£8000 (depending on circumstances) is available for an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in several healthcare professions.

There are 5 overarching Industry Pathways for people interesting in pursuing a career within Health and Social Care, Adult and Child Services:

  • Adult Health
  • Adult Social Care
  • Early Education
  • Childhood Health
  • Children’s Social Care