Information Technology and Digital Services

Information technology (IT) and Digital Services support most of what is done in society. IT skills could lead to employment in almost any sector.  Digital systems make other work possible.

There is potential to work with hardware IT systems or software applications, either virtually or dealing directly with IT users.  Digital means more than just computers. It can include networks, software, apps, phone systems, complex 3D printers (also known as additive engineering), web-conferencing equipment or virtual reality (VR).

A TechNation study showed that 2.1m people are employed in the UK's digital tech sector, and in five UK cities, more than 10% of the population are employed in digital tech.

There are 4 overarching Industry Pathways for people interesting in pursuing a career within Information Technology and Digital Services

  • Information Support & Services
  • Networking
  • Software & Systems Development
  • Games & Simulation