Manufacturing and Engineering

Engineering helps to produce things that improve our lives, and falls into the following main brackets (with examples):

• chemical engineering (from textiles to DNA)
• civil engineering (from railways to ecosystems)
• electrical engineering (from digital to power)
• mechanical engineering (from spacecraft to solar panels)

Manufacturing is all about making things. Smartphones and electric vehicles have to be manufactured, along with all their smaller components.  In fact, anything that needs to be produced in large quantities is part of the manufacturing industry.  Medicines, new materials, food products, make-up and clothes have to be manufactured too, basically every man-made object!

According to Make UK, the UK Manufacturing and Engineering sector currently employs 2.7 million people.

There are 6 overarching Industry Pathways for people interesting in pursuing a career within Manufacturing and Engineering:

  • Product Innovation, Design & Development
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Assurance
  • Logistics & Process Control & Development
  • Manufacturing & Engineering Production
  • Maintenance & Installation
  • Quality Assurance