Public Services & Law

The public sector is a local government organisation that serves the people and is generally funded by public-funded agencies, enterprises and other services that deliver public sector programmes. It is responsible for providing a wide range of services ranging from Administrative support, Emergency response, legal services to local councillors and MP's.

Careers in the public sector can be very varied, ranging from education & training, Police, Fire Service, Probation services, Law and many more both at local and national level. Public Sector is responsible for the Governance and keeping its citizens safe, which is why legal services play a vital role in the makeup of an all-rounded society.

Public Sector and Law is best suited for individuals who are passionate about serving their community, wanting to make a difference and who want to see a real change in society. According to the Office for National Statistics, Dec 2019, an estimated 5.49 million people employed in the public sector, an increase from Sept 2019. Based on this data we can predict continued growth in this industry.

There are 10 overarching Industry Pathways for people interesting in pursuing a career within Public Services and Law:

  • Probation Services
  • Emergency Response
  • Legal Services
  • Governance
  • Government & Public Administration
  • Foreign Service
  • National Security Planning
  • Public Management & Administration
  • Regulation
  • Revenue & Taxation