Transport, Distribution & Logistics

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics sector plays an essential role in the UK economy, thus remaining a high demand for skilled and experienced workers.

The careers are varied, and this sector operates 24/7, which means many positions require shift work, and the requirement to work evenings and weekends.  Depending on the role, an element of travel may be required locally, nationally and internationally.  This industry relies increasingly on data and analytics, problem solving and creativity.  Many businesses are looking at ways to automate and be innovate to keep up with customer demands.

According to a report conducted by Delivering your future, 2012, this sector is worth over £96 billion, and the transport industry contributes approximately £23.6 billion to the UK economy.

There are different roles available in this industry ranging from roles in Aviation, Rail, Community Transport, Metro, Driving, Postal Services, Air Freight, storage and warehouse, wholesale and many more.

There are 7 overarching Industry Pathways for people interesting in pursuing a career within Transport, Distribution and Logistics:

  • Facility & Mobile Equipment Maintenance
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Management
  • Logistics, Planning & Management Services
  • Sales & Service
  • Transportation Operations
  • Transportation, Systems/Infrastructure Planning, Management & Regulation
  • Warehousing & Distribution Centre Operations