How we can support your school with Careers and Technical Education

How we can support your school with Careers and Technical Education

Careers and Technical Education (CTE) prepares learners for career and or post-secondary education. CTE programmes of study offer a sequence of courses that blend core academic knowledge with technical and occupational awareness to provide learners with a pathway to postsecondary education and careers.  Bradford district's CTE is delivered through Bradford Pathways and Industrial Centres of Excellence (ICE).

It is an all-age approach to ensure that the Districts children and young people gain knowledge, skills and competencies required, so they are well equipped to make a successful transition into the world of work and enjoy a successful career.  As a result, young people will be more likely to transition from education to employment that is appropriate, meaningful, and rewarding, and more likely to be sustained. Since its launch, CTE has been working across more than 90 primary schools, 18 secondary schools and higher and further education providers.

Offer all age career and technical education framework spanning primary to post-secondary education, streamlining secondary and post-secondary academic and CTE content with industry needs.  Bradford CTE framework has been established in collaboration with local employers, schools, colleges and University of Bradford.  
Assist educators, students, parents and employers with consultancy and toolkits, to provide teachers, career leaders and everything they need to know to implement a programme of study in their schools or establishments.

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The career and technical education partnership awards are our annual recognition of the achievements of young people who have taken part in the CTE partnership programme. Young people are nominated by teachers or tutors for their “outstanding hard work and dedication” during their time on an CTE programme, and at primary level for exemplifying essential career-related skills.

The following information is intended for academic advisors, senior teachers, school teachers, career leads and others to learn about the latest Bradford District initiatives.


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