Centre for Workforce Development

The Centre for Workforce Development will establish a culture of system working by default.  Our ambition is that all workforce development activity will be commissioned, managed and delivered at place level, unless there is a good reason to do this on a different footprint. 

We want to work together to support those furthest from work to access health and social care careers; to offer “good jobs”; to improve equality, diversity and inclusion and career development opportunities; and, to support and develop the health and social care workforce.

The Centre for Workforce Development is however still in its infancy and continues to be developed collaboratively across the district. A DRAFT business plan for the Centre has been developed, but discussions are ongoing and this will be updated on a regular basis as the shape of the Centre becomes more certain.  We have also identified some key new projects we need to focus on during 2020/21 alongside the great system work that is already in progress.  All this activity for 2020/21 can be viewed in the Centre's DRAFT delivery plan.  

A global health and care workforce crisis

By 2030, the World Health Organisation estimates that the world will need 80 million heath workers, but supply will reach just 65 million.

Workforce is becoming the biggest issue facing the NHS and social care in the next decade.

There are an estimated 10,000 vacancies in medical posts and 40,000 vacancies in nursing posts, with shortages in posts such as GPs, A&E Consultants and Radiographers becoming critical. 122,000 more social care staff are also required.

A growing local issue

Locally, 4,700 additional roles will be required by 2030.

This is likely to prove challenging given the current  7%-13% vacancy rate, ageing workforce and high turnover rates (sometimes reaching as high as 21%-30%).

Current programmes are under-resourced and underpowered, meaning we cannot continue to do more of the same and expect to solve the challenges we face locally.

The Centre for Workforce Development will deliver a series of functions that were identified and described by health and social care stakeholders during consultation activities in 2019-20. These are organised inline with the national Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) System Workforce Improvement Model (SWIM). Our functions for Bradford District and Craven are listed below.

I Care Ambassadors

Workforce Health & Wellbeing Support - brings together a substantial range of resources to support the health and wellbeing of everybody working in our health and care sector, including volunteers and unpaid carers.

Connect to Support - provides information for adults with care and support needs.