What the Partnership does - an overview

The Partnership has established five priorities (shown below), which will drive the focus of the Partnership’s work for the next couple of years. 

It has been agreed that the Partnership's initial focus will be on workforce - addressing the sector's needs around looking after our people, creating a sense of belonging, developing new ways of working and transforming how we deliver care, and growing for the future through recruitment and retention. When we reference the workforce we are assuming its broadest definition, which includes unpaid carers, volunteers and the third sector.

In support of this the One Workforce Hub is now operating to support the health and social care sector with system wide initiatives - see oneworkforce.org 

Some of the Partnership's early successes in addressing the district's workforce needs are captured in the2019/2020 Annual Report.

A global health and care workforce crisis

By 2030, the World Health Organisation estimates that the world will need 80 million heath workers, but supply will reach just 65 million.

Workforce is becoming the biggest issue facing the NHS and social care in the next decade.

There are an estimated 10,000 vacancies in medical posts and 40,000 vacancies in nursing posts, with shortages in posts such as GPs, A&E Consultants and Radiographers becoming critical. 122,000 more social care staff are also required.

A growing local issue

Locally, 4,700 additional roles will be required by 2030.

This is likely to prove challenging given the current  7%-13% vacancy rate, ageing workforce and high turnover rates (sometimes reaching as high as 21%-30%).

Current programmes are under-resourced and underpowered, meaning we cannot continue to do more of the same and expect to solve the challenges we face locally.