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SkillsHouse can provide bespoke support to your business to help fill your vacancies, including recruitment, pre-assessment and interview of potential candidates based on your specific business requirements

Employers we are here for all your recruitment needs 


How can SkillsHouse help my business? What is the cost to participate? 

SkillsHouse offers businesses a targeted recruitment service tailored to your needs at no cost. 

Please contact us via 01274 437373 or email 

Who are the job seekers SkillsHouse serves?

SkillsHouse works with unemployed jobseekers who want to resume an established career or are looking to start a new path. These unemployed job seekers are eager to return to work. We have placed job seekers in positions spanning the full spectrum of business needs, from technology to marketing, sales and to a variety of operational roles.  


What is SkillsHouse recruitment process? 

First, you will be contacted by a dedicated member of our SkillsHouse team to discuss the positions you need to fill and the challenges you may be facing. Our team will develop a customised recruitment strategy to find the best pool of candidates to meet your recruitment needs. Next, our dedicated recruiters will implement this custom recruitment strategy and lead the effort to find quality candidates to meet your needs, including the sourcing and interviewing of qualified candidates. This process includes phone and 1-2-1 interviews as well as any other steps you require, including assessments.  

Our organisation has immediate hiring needs, but cannot find employees with the appropriate skill set for the positions.


How can SkillsHouse support? 

  • Direct and immediate sourcing and recruiting
  • Consultative hiring and workforce development solutions to meet your short to long-term needs.
  • Training solutions that are customised to your business, in-house, blended, classroom and/or fast-track classroom based programmes to train job-ready candidates or up-skill current workforce drawing on unique partnership of learning and training providers.
  • Facilitating apprenticeships, traineeships, work experience and other placements to suit your business needs and plans
  • Work Placements and on-going support.
  • Coordination and support for Redundancies



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Please contact us on 01274 437373 where a dedicated SH adviser will be in contact