Would you like to host a work experience placement?

Would you like to host a work experience placement?

If you wish to host a work experience placement in your business we can support you through the process and help you provide a quality and meaningful experience for a young person.

We are a centralised work experience organiser with over 20 years of experience arranging work placements and work related learning programmes collaboratively with partner employers from a range of sectors across West Yorkshire.

Our dedicated team will provide a comprehensive service and take your business through each step of the process enabling students to access meaningful and safe environments to undertake their work experience placements. We work with a range of schools and students (14-19) who want to engage with employers, explore career opportunities and develop employability skills.

Work Experience means a placement usually takes place on employer’s premises for a set period of time where the student carries out tasks or duties similar to that of an employee with the emphasis on learning.

Any employer supporting a young person on work experience must hold a valid Employer’s Liability Insurance Certificate (except Government departments under the Crown) to ensure the young person is fully covered.

Xperience can work with you and support you with a Young Person Risk Assessment to meet the student needs.

All students must be supervised throughout the course of their work placement and we can provide further advice on safeguarding measures.

Benefits of hosting a young person on work experience

  • You are supporting the development of future talent for tomorrow’s workforce.
  • Supporting the skills gap & passing on current knowledge to young people.
  • Opening recruitment links to local people in your community.
  • Promoting your company as a great place to work and/or take up an apprenticeship.
  • Providing an opportunity for a member of staff to ‘supervise’ a student.
  • Positive PR and a great staff morale boost to your team.
  • A gateway to getting involved in other education business initiatives
  • Highlight you are employer of responsibility – help your CSR portfolio!

Can we get involved in any other work related learning programmes for young people?
As an employer there are a number of other ways you can get involved such as work place tours, sector based challenges, school talks, virtual experiences, mock interviews etc.